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Crescent Sun, by Sam Walsh

Design Gallery


Chair, by Sam Walsh
Kelp fish, on red, by Sam Walsh
Zebra Stripes, by Sam Walsh
Sitting on a Daisy, by Sam Walsh
Happy Green Giraffe, by Sam Walsh

Hello, Welcome To Green Giraffe.

My name is Sam and I love colour – the brighter the better! I like to be a bit of a rebel and do things my own way and I express this in my artwork. Quirky, fun and unusual.

Tea and toast, by Sam Walsh

Eye catching, fun designs that stand out and make people smile.

Scales, by Sam Walsh

If you like my style but would prefer something uniquely yours I would be happy to discuss creating a design to your own taste, as a commission.

Funky Butterfly, by Sam Walsh

I create new work on a regular basis so please get in touch to find out what designs are currently available.

My work is available on 100% artist’s canvas of various sizes, ready to hang or as prints. I can easily get my designs printed on ceramic tiles so you can continue a theme across a kitchen or bathroom.

Polyester canvas is an alternative to artist’s canvas. It is very practical for the kitchen or children’s rooms as it is more resistant to moisture and stains.

I also produce a range of greeting cards.

Get in touch to find out more…

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